what's in "the box"?

pm box is a cloud solution for Microsoft© SharePoint Online (Office 365) , which enables you to standardise the way you manage projects end-to-end, centrally manage your document templates , naturally develop of your project knowledge base and improve team collaboration.


document templates

built-in PMBOK©

dashboard views

SharePoint© Online

knowledge base

easy adoption

no need for IT support

do these challenges seem familiar?

when it comes to project management methodologies, we all face different challenges. there are however, some common ones most of us are familiar with. if you struggle with any of these issues, pm box can help:

Methodology: design, implement and follow

  • Your project management methodology seems practical and logical. It looks good in theory, but hardly anyone follows it properly (or at all)
  • Changes in process are done by sending emails stating "From now on, all project managers must..."
  • Project managers are too busy fighting fires or simply cannot adhere to the rules. There are too many to remember, or they seem convoluted and difficult to follow.
  • You are trying to fix the process by producing better documentation and making it more accessible, but issues keep happening.

Documentation - Creation, management and ongoing access

  • Your project document templates are scattered across multiple locations in multiple versions.
  • People are constantly struggling to find and use the right document template or the correct version.
  • Project documents (and other project artifacts) are stored at locations that are not easily accessible nor searchable to be of any further use.
  • Instead of being a valuable source of prior knowledge, project documentation gets forgotten along with other valuable project information as soon as the project is over.
  • You are trying use metadata or standard file naming conventions for easier document classification, but it all gets too difficult too quickly.
  • You are never sure if the security and access to different types of project documentation is correctly set.

Team - Collaboration and information sharing

  • Team collaboration is a constant challenge and teams seem disconnected.
  • You use SharePoint, it was good to start with, but it quickly got out of control because keeping everything in check became a maintenance nightmare.
  • You are waiting on your IT support personnel to provision sites for your projects. Default sites don’t seem fit for purpose and end up looking differently for each project.
  • You struggle to maintain adequate security of site contents during and after the project and need constant IT support. Sometimes it all gets too hard and security is gets too relaxed just to be able to use the system.

    Project monitoring and internal communication

    • Communication from project managers is infrequent because it is too formal and time consuming.
    • You cannot keep your hand on the pulse of your programmes or portfolios as you cannot see a comprehensive summary of all project issues, changes and risks of underlying projects.
    • You keep trying to build your project management knowledge base without success.

    Rubber stamp of compliance for everyones' peace of mind

    • Your competitors can demonstrate compliance with a project management standard (such as PMBOK©), but you struggle to get even the basics right

    A lot to cover! Lets take a quick look:

    Design your methodology

    A well designed, built and executed methodology lets you stick to a predefined process, even in different scenarios. The whole idea behind pm box is that you can develop your own methodology by customising the provided processes and activities. Even the PMBOK Guide states that it is a set of best practices that should be adjusted to suit your needs. With pm box, you can define the steps of your own methodology or use the built in PMBOK© flavours to tailor them to your needs.

    Implement your methodology

    The design is largely a theoretical exercise that delivers the specifications. However, the building and execution parts have always been that real world challenge because following a methodology and adhering to a process discipline can be a pain, especially for a project manager. This is where pm box shines, allowing project managers to follow the prescribed steps of the methodology naturally and effortlessly.

    Project documentation templates

    Centrally manage your document templates and have them automatically populated with essential project data for easier search and filtering in SharePoint. No more confusion (or even thinking) for the project managers around which template to use for which project document.

    SharePoint online team collaboration

    Create standardised SharePoint project sites equipped with document libraries and registers at a push of a button. Add and remove project participants with different access levels without any IT support, and never lose your project documentation and artefacts again.

    Dashboard views

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your projects, programmes and portfolios with a dashboard view of project Issue, Risk and Change registers summaries. Check the latest "tweet-like" short updates from the project managers and see the status of your projects at a glance. Internal project communication is too important to be neglected because it is too formal or complex.

    Build (and use) your project knowledge base

    Knowledge bases are crucial to constant improvement of your project practice but also for risk assessment in day-to-day project work. By using SharePoint as a repository for your project artefacts, you have them automatically indexed for searching. Now, it is surprisingly easy to find and refer to historical project information.

    About DECODE IT

    pm box is a result of many years of hands-on expertise in the areas DECODE IT specialises in. Realising that most companies share the same underlying issues when it comes to project management and collaboration, we decided to offer a product that could finally address these issues and improve businesses organisational and project management maturity. Unlike other products, pm box does not promise to deliver your projects on time and budget. Instead, it provides all the key elements for overall project success by empowering people, offering easy adherence to standards and providing an effective project collaboration environment using SharePoint Online.

    team DECODE IT