The scalpel is only as good as the surgeon using it. Do not rely on a project management software tool simply because it says it works and it will deliver your projects on time and budget. No project management software will deliver your project on time or budget. That's what project managers are for, and process clarity improves their chance of success.
In addition to defining and maintaining project management standards, the PMO is the source of documentation, guidance and metrics for the project management practice across the business. This implies creating a streamlined approach to the way projects are governed and maintaining effective discipline across project activities. Project governance and project management discipline are therefore at the core of PMO operations.
When project management software is mentioned, PMs immediately think of a scheduling, budget or resource management tool, managing particular project aspects and promising to deliver projects on time and budget. We know too well that it not the software alone, but your skills and expertise that deliver projects. This is where pm box is different.
You are part of a project team. You work on projects all the time, even on multiple projects simultaneously. Even with your experience, each new project brings about the same challenges: locating project documentation, exchanging information with the project team or simply keeping abreast of project developments.