What is the best project management software for PMBOK

The scalpel is only as good as the surgeon using it. Do not rely on a project management software tool simply because it says it works and it will deliver your projects on time and budget. No project management software will deliver your project on time or budget. That's what project managers are for, and process clarity improves their chance of success.

Project management tools alone can help you plan and schedule projects, but they cannot define and standardise the fundamentals of your project management processes.

So, the real question is:

Should you buy an expensive project management software that forces you to adjust your processes to the way it operates, or should you introduce a software platform that can be tailored to your project management process, according to your business needs?

Ultimately, despite heavy investments, your projects still run the same way: A Gantt chart, few project registers and stacks of disjointed, inconsistent documentation and project records that get lost or forgotten once the project ends. Project governance remains difficult and inefficient without project management consistency, discipline and transparency.

Project governance matters

Project governance is often defined as a set of formal principles, structures and processes aimed at attaining project objectives with the highest possible performance and efficiency. If your business runs projects you know that good governance and project management discipline are directly linked to better results and overall success.

To attain these objectives, companies tend to spend a lot of time and money acquiring various project tools, trying to amalgamate them into a working project management environment aligned with the business process. However, integration of bespoke systems and tools in an ever-changing business environment is often destined to fail, because individual tools may address certain aspects of project management but overall, the entire environment remains fragmented.

Welcome to pm box - The best PMBOK software on the market

pm box is not a tool, per se. Its a PMBOK based methodology platform whose purpose is to make the end-to-end project management process more standardised, transparent, repeatable and scalable, whilst supporting governance and disciplined project management in a simple, organic and intuitive way. It guides project managers through the PMBOK® activities and their dependencies, guarding the project from unforeseen errors and ensuring high level of compliance with the standard. pm box is designed to improve your overall project management process and establish the foundation for governed project management that takes your project management maturity to the next level.

Along with alleviating the risks associated with inconsistent project environments, pm box allows project stakeholders and team members to stay connected and collaborate on projects in real time by way of automatically provisioned SharePoint project sites. This improves the way teams are organised and how they work together. Rather than fighting the process, teams will be able to handle information quickly and effectively, focusing on getting things done.

Even if your business does not seem “big enough” to have your own Project Management Office (PMO), pm box helps set the ground rules for running a project, guides project managers through the process and provides everyone with a clean, organised collaborative environment.

The true value of standardised and disciplined project management

Only the PMO and Project Managers require a subscription - Everyone else enjoys the benefits for FREE!

For instance, if you have 5 project managers and 100 staff working on projects, you only need 5 pm box subscriptions (in addition to your Office 365 licenses, of course). Comparing these costs against typical internal expenditure toward SharePoint development, support and Project governance monitoring and control, makes pm box the smartest move you have made toward improving the project management maturity of your business. Check the current pm box subscription price directly on Microsoft AppSource.

pm box is indeed a rubber stamp of compliance and peace of mind for you and your clients.