Consistent, predictable, productive: The pm box SharePoint project sites

You are part of a project team. You work on projects all the time, even on multiple projects simultaneously. Even with your experience, each new project brings about the same challenges: locating project documentation, exchanging information with the project team or simply keeping abreast of project developments.

Dealing with ever-changing project environments

The way you receive project information always changes resulting in frequent miscommunication and taking valuable time to rectify. Continuous changes reduce productivity, increase project risk and cause ongoing frustration. pm box delivers SharePoint© sites with project teams in mind. From now on, all your project sites will be standardised, predictable and easy to use. Once you know one, you will know them all!

Consistent, predictable, productive: The pm box SharePoint project sites

  • A clean and user-friendly page layout and design will show your recent documents, team library, upcoming events and easy access to project registers when you need them.
  • Project Documentation Library has predictable structure with consistent file naming convention and file versioning. Project teams can easily see where documents are located and if they are up to date.
  • In addition to the main project library, each project site comes with additional document libraries to address different audience, content and security requirements allowing teams to organise their own content and store it in a central, secure location.
  • A simple Issue management system will send email reminders about issues assigned to you
  • Central project calendar is available to keep the entire team informed of major project events and milestones.
  • Your knowledge and expertise will not go to waste. Along with project registers and other artefacts, creating project wikis can add valuable expertise and insights into the project and grow into a fully searchable knowledge base (KB), containing subject matter expertise invaluable for future projects.
  • Search that works. Organised site content and document metadata means better and more relevant search results.
  • Subscribing to automatic notifications from the project site brings all relevant content updates directly to your inbox.

In addition to the tools pm box provides for each project site, you continue to use MS Office products (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…) that you are already familiar with. You can remain highly productive without having to learn too many new things.

Remember, once you become familiar with the standard pm box site structure and layout, work on future projects becomes very easy and intuitive in no time at all!

Happy teamwork!